Expert Workshop „Migration patterns over SK-UA Schengen borders“, Uzhgorod

Published: Thursday, 03 March 2016

to be held within the CBC 01017 project: “Improvement of technical and educational capacities to accelerate the handling process of the joint Slovakia-Ukraine border”

Uzhgorod, 5th-6th April 2016


5th April 2016 – Deco u Notara
Working dinner for SK&UA project partners: 19:00 – 21:00

6th of April 2016 – Hotel Uzhgorod
Opening session:    900– 930
Mr. Oleg Adamchuk, Honorary consul of the Slovak Republic in Velykyi Bereznyi
Mr. Mykola Kushnir, Adviser, NISS
Mr. Vladimír Benč, Head of Office, RC SFPA Prešov

Panel 1: Migration situation at the SK-UA Schengen border
930 – 1100
Svitlana Mytryayeva, Adviser, NISS (moderator)
Sergii Sokolovskyi, Chop Border Detachment, Ukraine State Border Service - Illegal migration on Ukrainian-Slovak border: current situation, tendency, countermeasures.
Ladislav Chabreček, Director of Border Police Department - Situation at the Slovak-Ukrainian Border
Ján Dračka, professional teacher of the Subject group of professional and physical preparation, Secondary Vocational Police School in Košice - Training of members of the Police Force in Slovakia

Coffee break: 1100 – 1130

Panel 2: Methodology of the research within the CBC 01017 project
1130 – 1300
Vladimír Benč, Head of Office, RC SFPA Prešov
Milada Bucseková, senior specialist officer of Border Police Department

Lunch: 1300 – 1400

Panel 3: Presentation and planning of other project activities
1400 – 1500
Vladimír Benč, Head of Office, RC SFPA Prešov

Conclusion of the workshop: 1500-1515