Zlepšenie technických a vzdelávacích kapacít na urýchlenie vybavovacieho procesu na spoločnej slovensko-ukrajinskej hranici Improvement of technical and educational capacities to accelerate the handling process of the joint Slovakia-Ukraine border


  • New hardware purchase and installation for classrooms at the Secondary specialized school of the Police Force in Košice.
  • Purchase, replacement and addition of the surveillance cameras on the 5 BCPs – at the Slovak side of the border.
  • Education in the field of border control, counterfeiting and alteration of travel documents, fundamental human rights and freedoms, including gender equality, border management, joint patrols, stolen motor vehicles, as well as language training. Three-week training for Slovak police officers and one week training for Ukrainian police officers. Language training (five-weeks) for the Slovak police officers and five weekly trainings for the Ukrainian police officers in Kosice.
  • Elaboration of 3 pcs of educational publications and 6 pcs workbooks.
  • Research that will focus on identification, as well as perception of border management problems related mostly to the handling of passengers at BCPs. The output will be scientific publications mapping the migration across Slovakia-Ukraine border, and border management issues. It will include policy recommendations to the Slovak and Ukrainian institutions, as well as to European institutions dealing with Schengen and migration.
  • Two conferences (Košice, Uzhgorod) & three workshops (Michalovce, Uzhgorod, Khmelnitsky) will be base for exchange of expertise and know-how.
  • Publicity & Management.